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Reasons Why Garbage Disposals Get Jammed

Reasons Why Garbage Disposals Get Jammed

The garbage disposal is perhaps one of the most useful kitchen aids to date. No more flushing leftovers down the toilet, taking care to spill every bit of rotten food into the bowl. There’s no need to scoop out nasty scraps while doing the dishes after someone forgets to scrape their trash into the bin. Now, a simple sweep in the direction of the garbage disposal is enough to get rid of trash forever. The indispensable machine grinds it all down and clears it away as if it never existed in the first place. But what happens if this reliable tool stops doing its job?

The most common problem which forces a garbage disposal to stop functioning is a jam. Though this machine has the ability to inhale any trash it is presented with, it is not invincible. Certain key mechanisms can become stuck or clogged, causing the disposal to be backed up or in some cases, damaged.

Metals Don’t Belong In A Garbage Disposal: This one may be a no-brainer, but surprisingly, it happens frequently. Metal objects get stuck in garbage disposals, jamming the propeller and preventing any food scraps to travel down the shoot. This is usually accidental; small silverware tends to get stuck in the disposal, since it is often located inside of a sink. It is important to remember, however, that small metal scraps such as bottle caps, screws and nails cannot be put into a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal can only handle trash in the form of food. The disposal will make a distinct ringing sound in conjunction with being jammed if a metal object is causing the obstruction.

Too Much Trash Too Quickly Clogs Disposals: Its true that most food can be disposed of safely in a mechanical disposal. The caveat is: Stuffing the disposal with too much food too quickly will ultimately cause a clog. Though the food may break down over time, the crisis will ensue until this happens, so to prevent such an issue from occurring, it is wise to dispose of food scraps bit by bit.

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