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Reasons to Avoid Using Chemicals to Unclog Your Drain

Reasons to Avoid Using Chemicals to Unclog Your Drain

Whenever someone has a clogged drain most people turn to chemical agents in order to solve their problems. Although they seem to work very well in unclogging the drain, the chemical side effects of certain products can be hazardous. Among the reasons why these chemicals should not be used, the most hazardous reasons are the corrosive and toxic ingredients along with the fumes associated with them.

The corrosive ingredients in most drain unclogging chemicals are very useful when talking about removing gunk and hair from a drain. However, depending on the type of plumbing pipes one may have, these corrosive chemicals can very hazardous to those pipes. This could cause the pipes to form holes and in turn create leaks in places of the home or building that would be disastrous for a water leak. These chemicals can possibly damage anything that they come in contact with in the bathroom over long periods of time because of the corrosive qualities.

The toxic ingredients that can be found in the drain chemicals are extremely hazardous to human health. If the chemicals are swallowed or even spilled on the skin they can burn the skin very severely. And even more dangerous, if swallowed the stomach mush be pumped immediately in order to avoid possibly deathly results.

Whenever there is toxic chemicals, most of the time there are toxic fumes that go with that chemical. The fumes that these chemicals can give off can cause a multitude of physical side effects including dizziness and unconsciousness. This could be very bad for the particular person that is holding the chemical and the dizziness could lead to spills which could lead to skin burning from them.

Although these drain unclogging chemicals seem to work, some of the time they will just push whatever is clogging the drain even further down and it will just continuously build up over time. The toxic and corrosive properties of most all chemicals of this type give obvious reasons why these are not the right choice if a drain does in fact, get clogged.

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