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Sewer, Drain Repair, & Replacement in Tracy, CA

Sewer, Drain Repair, & Replacement in Tracy, CA

Knights Plumbing received a call about a sewer smell coming from under the house located in Tracy, CA.

Upon arrival, our Plumber was able to access the crawl space and smelt sewage coming from the area.

He crawled the house and found the crawl space flooded from the restroom flange being corroded and he also found that the 90 connecting to the vent and the waste line was cracked and hanging.

In the process, our Plumber is always documenting with notes and photos to keep the customer in the loop with their home.

He proceeded to replace the flange and pull and reset the toilet, he made repairs to the 2-inch drain underneath the master bathroom sink and repaired the 3-inch fitting near the front of the house.

After all proper repairs were made the customer was very satisfied with the work that was done and very relieved that there would be no more sewer smell!

Sewer and drain piping can be made from several different types of material depending on the age and location of the pipe. These pipes turned out to be made of ABS and had cracked at the glue joints due to molecular breakdown and stress. Knowing what were to look for problems and the best way to address sewer issues is a job for a professional. Left unchecked or repaired improperly leaking drainpipes can lead to thousands of dollars in damages and cleanup. To top it off no one wants to live on top of a cesspool.

If you have any sewer or drain issues be sure to contact Knights Plumbing & Drain your #1 Rated plumber in Tracy for all your drain replacements/repairs!

Location: Tracy, CA

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