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Laundry Line Back-up in Stockton, CA

Laundry line back up stockton ca

The Customer called because her drain line backed up into the house when she did laundry. Her property had a septic tank that had recently been emptied and she was told at the time that she would be needing a repair to the line as well.

Our technician went about and was able to clear the line and perform a video inspection. The video inspection did reveal a section of the main sewer line to the septic tank that was damaged and in need of repair. The customer was given prices and options in writing along with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and authorized our technician to proceed with the repair. Our technician coordinated with the customer and repaired approximately 6 feet of the main sewer line.

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Client Review

Very professional. {{ company-name }} arrived the afternoon on the day that I called. There was a text message with a photograph of the person that was to arrive as well as an estimated time of arrival. Cleared the main line that afternoon so that I could use plumbing. Also checked the septic tank and discovered that it needed to be pumped before the break in the mainline could be repaired. Gave accurate estimates on all work to be completed. They pulled the permit to repair the mainline with the City and coordinated between the City and the County for inspection of the repair. All repairs were completed in a timely manner. Job well done and the person that completed the work was polite and knowledgeable!

- Bonny C

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