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50 Gallon Water Heater Installation in Mountain House, CA

50 Gallon Water Heater Installation in Mountain House, CA

Our Plumber was called out to a Water heater issue in Mountain House, CA. Upon arrival, our lumber first checked to see if the Water heater was under recall. Always try and make sure that you check and see if your Water heater is on the recall list below.


- Whirlpool

- U.S Craftmaster

- American Water Heater

- State

- Reliance

- A.O Smith

- Kenmore

Residential Ultra-Low NOx Water Heaters

Manufactured between April 2011 and August 2016

They are installed directly on a wood or other combustible surface.

Check to see if the water heater and the installation conditions are such that it is affected by the recall. Enter the serial number at

After diagnosis found the 2016 Water heater was not staying lit even after trying to re-light it a few times. While diagnosing further the plumber found the State Select Water heater also had an active leak coming from the top which was causing damage and corrosion. He consulted with our customer, she decided to move forward with a fresh RUUD 50-gallon Water heater installation.

Our Technician also signed her up for our Royalty Club Membership, which provides many perks and benefits. One of the most beneficial things about the Membership is that it comes with an annual maintenance flush for the water heater that is recommended at least once a year to get the best life expectancy out of your tank.

Overall, the customer was very fulfilled with her experience with our company!

Be sure to call Knights Plumbing for any Water heater/plumbing issues and don't forget to ask about our Royalty Club Membership!

Location: Mountain House, CA

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